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v1.42.0 (Blender 3.5+)

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Welcome! This page contains documentation for my Utilities Addon for blender.

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Download and Install

The addon can be downloaded right here:

Or from its Gumroad Page.

In Blender, select Edit->Preferences, click on the Addons tab, click Install and open the file:


Get Material Textures

Context: Shader Editor
ID: djh.get_textures

Searches for textures with the same base name and adds them to the material.

It can find textures when the filenames are: base_name -> underscore -> map type -> extension.



Connections are made using a lookup, the lookup supports the following naming conventions for types:

Diffuse AO Metallic Roughness Normal Bump
basecolor ao metallic roughness normal bump
diffuse metal rough nor height

Bridge Node Sockets (by name)

Context: Node Editors
ID: djh.bridge_nodes

Creates many links between two nodes.


Randomize Seeds

Context: 3D View, Selected Objects
ID: djh.randomize_seeds

Looks for modifier inputs named 'seed' in the selected objects and sets them a to random value


Auto-Name Modifiers

Context: 3D View, Selected Objects
ID: djh.rename_modifiers

Renames modifiers on the selected objects to reflect the modifier type or node_group.


Clean Vertex Groups

Context: 3D View, Active Mesh Object
ID: djh.clean_vert_groups

Removes verts with zero weight from groups, then removes groups with zero verts from mesh.


Snap to Near Faces

Context: 3D View, Mesh Edit Mode
ID: djh.snap_to_faces

Snaps the selected geometry to the nearest faces.


Create Materials for Instances

Context: 3D View, Object Mode
ID: djh.placeholder_materials

Creates placeholder materials on the selected object from the given collection.

Knife Project Selection

Context: 3D View, Mesh Edit Mode
ID: djh.knife_project_sel

Does a knife projection with the selected geometry in edit mode.


Freeze Modifier into Mesh

Context: 3D View, Mesh Object Mode
ID: djh.freeze_modifier

Applies the active modifier as a shape and then removes the shape keys.


Apply Modifiers Above

Context: 3D View, Object Mode
ID: djh.modifier_apply_above

Applies all modifiers above and including the active modifier, even if the object is a curve.


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